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[No longer operating]

Petertaisan Phils. Corp. has ventured on its first business franchise— Bacolod CHK-N-BBQ House on April 11, 2016 and opened our door on February 18, 2017. After two years, the idea of a one-stop business venture transpired; and the decision to diversify and focused on four to six business priorities are some franchising avenues we foresee for 2019-2020.

The unexpected Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has disrupted the world tremendously. It has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, economy and even our movements. The impact was felt too with the closure of our Bacolod CHK-N-BBQ House on June 01, 2020. 

Other franchising business priorities came into play here as part of the company’s restructuring strategy after Bacolod CHK-N-BBQ House ceased to operate. 

Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House: Products
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